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Miles Rewards

To celebrate your milestone with exciting awards and unforgettable experiences, we have prepared a
wide range of awards for you. You can earn Miles wherever you purchase online or offline,
DentalMiles is there to make it count.

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Hyundai Instant Hot Water Dispenser
Miles x 54,890
Power Living CH600 Travel Electric Clothes Dryer
Miles x 65,780
Yohome YH-008 Wide-Angle 4D Fan Heater
Miles x 32,890
Proluxury Automatic Bread Maker 750G
Miles x 54,890
i-Frontier Automatic Disposable Yogurt Maker
Miles x 26,180
nathome Multifunctional Electric Cooking Pot
Miles x 38,280
récolte Solo Oven
Miles x 94,160
NOVEL Mini Smart Rice Cooker
Miles x 85,360
Waterproof Scalp Massager
Miles x 78,320
Techo Autowater Pro Smart Touchless Faucet Adapter (Kitchen Version)
Miles x 131,780
MOKKOM - Wireless Portable Multi-functional Electric Health Juicer Cup
Miles x 39,380
inno3C i-CF1 Portable Air Cooler
Miles x 50,160