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Miles Rewards

To celebrate your milestone with exciting awards and unforgettable experiences, we have prepared a
wide range of awards for you. You can earn Miles wherever you purchase online or offline,
DentalMiles is there to make it count.

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Yohome Pulsator Antibacterial Folding Mini Washing Machine
Miles x 76,890
Techo Autowater Lite Sensor Faucet
Miles x 49,390
Machino Folder Air pressure Massage chair
Miles x 96,800
PRISMATE PR-F074 Mask Air Fan
Miles x 41,360
Senki SK-SiSi ice cream maker
Miles x 175,780
Yocosoda V200 Soda Maker
Miles x 175,780
Recolte RPC-1(M) 6.5L Mini Fridge
Miles x 184,360
GERMAN POOL MTR100 Mosquito Trap
Miles x 109,560
Megivo Sommer Wild Outdoor Fan with Lamp
Miles x 80,960
Cafflano Kompresso Hand Carry Coffee Maker
Miles x 94,160
BRAUN BT5340 Trimmers
Miles x 127,160
Fizzics Draft Pour
Miles x 186,780