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Miles Rewards

To celebrate your milestone with exciting awards and unforgettable experiences, we have prepared a
wide range of awards for you. You can earn Miles wherever you purchase online or offline,
DentalMiles is there to make it count.

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RASONIC Floral Tea Cook Master
Miles x 78,980
SMARTECH Cool Cube Eco HEPA Air Purifier & Cooler
Miles x 50,490
MOB Enceinte KS-80 Bluetooth Speaker
Miles x 43,890
Ariete Party Time Crepes Maker
Miles x 61,600
MICHI A4 Piece Electricity-free fast flawing plate
Miles x 65,780
Ariete Vintage Chopper
Miles x 105,600
ORIGO Mini Clothes Dryer / Sterilizer
Miles x 109,560
iNHOME Multi Clothes Care
Miles x 87,560
PHILIPS Portable Boiling Bottle
Miles x 87,560
PHILIPS Viva Collection Juicer
Miles x 117,700
NEWEDO mini portable electric shaver
Miles x 33,000
GEMINI 2-Tiers Mini Multi-functional Food Steamer
Miles x 74,360