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Dental Brushless Electric Motor
Product Description
Dental Brushless Electric Motor

- Simple operating system
Connect the dental unit to the C-Puma with a 4 holes tubing, use the foot pedal to control the electric motor.

- The new generation of technology micromotor C-Puma
According to the different treatments and different handpieces, the spped can be adjusted from 100 - 200,000 rpm/min.

- Compact and handy, high torque
Ergonomic designed length and weight greatly reduce the fatigue from long time operation, the motor can be sterilized.

Power: 120W
Speed range: 2,000 - 4,000 rpm (1:1)
100 - 2,500 rpm (16:1)
10000 - 200,000 rpm (1:5)
LED maximum: >25,000lux
Torque output: 3.5NCM
Weight (Kg): 2.3

Brand: Coxo
Article Number: C-Puma-master
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